Hayley Murray is currently a Graphic Designer at Bedrock in Detroit, Michigan. Hayley holds a B.A.A. in Integrative Public Relations and Multimedia Design from Central Michigan University.

Hayley values the art of photography as a medium to communicate with people across the globe. Through her work in and outside of photography, Hayley strives to create content that inspires others to create and to incorporate storytelling mediums in sharing the heart and stories of individuals and companies with their audiences.

Hayley has had the pleasure to work with a variety of clients including Rootless Coffee Co., Friends of the Alley, Swartz Creek Hometown Days, Freedom Center Church, and several on-campus organizations at Central Michigan University. Hayley has received recognition for her work on Unsplash, having her work viewed by over 33 million users worldwide.

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Images by Jack Regent & Kya Green.